A Child is Born 
Sunday, December 19, 2010, 07:00 AM - Church, Sermon, Christmas, Podcast
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A Child is Born A Christmas Worship Experience of the Christ-Light

Christmas is when God is with us. This transforms people. As part of the Christmas musical program, Pastor Christy tells three stories of transformation among the members and friends of Goodyear Heights Presbyterian Church. Names and some details have been changed to protect the transformed.

I'm Lynn. I came to church because of my friend. While here, I made other friends but never was a friend of God. For instead of rejecting and judging me, the people loved me and welcomed me, saying that God loved the whole world and came himself to save it, not condemn it. Well thanks to God's spirit working through these heavenly folks, I found God. I am a Christian now and welcoming others as I was welcomed into God's love.

I'm Debbie, I lived for drugs and drugs gladly took my life in exchange. Police almost took me away one day. As I was hiding from the lights and sirens, I looked at my worthless self. Money, job, friends, my marriage all were drowned and washed away by booze. I was no good to anyone, Except here, they not only let me in, they let me sing!! And pray! And help others! God don't make no junk. But I was almost threw myself away. Born again, sure, I like to think I was recycled from trash I grew into being blessed to be blessing.

I'm Cindy. I gave up. So far removed from the church lady I was. I was such a lost soul, I would have had to make a great effort to be a heathen. Church seemed to be a fight to the world instead of a light. I had been there done that. I knew church people were way behind the times, stuck in a world gone by. Then my comfortable world crashed when wellness was stolen from me, and left my health bankrupted. Heath insurance is fine until you lose your job for being sick. The insurance goes..but not the illness. Everything else goes…friends, neighbors when you have to move, associates who don't want to catch poverty from you. When the world left, God arrived, Now I can see God, and I have found not only friends, but people who can see God too, my tribe who follow God and love people. I lost my home, but I have myself a home in God's house here.

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