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From our Song and Service
A Light to the Heights worship
Sunday, February 28

Bible Reading: Philippians 3:17-4:1 Luke 4:1-13


Embrace Life

from a Sussex, UK safety campaign YouTube post

Jesus says he wants to gather us to safety like a hen gathers her brood. God is not in the crash but in the protection in the midst of the crash.


Snowball Olympic commercial from Coca-Cola

In a fun way, watch how our hero stands firm, or focuses only on his goal, not letting an assumed threats from others stop him from getting the sugary drink.


Tank Man of Tiananmen

from YouTube

How many times would you step in front of a tank? Just the day before the BCC reported tanks crushing protesters to death. To this day, no one knows who the man was or what became of him after being taken away into the crowd.


Holiday for Love CBS TV Movie

Scene not available for embeding but here is the link to the clip at WingClips, (a new window will open).

Holiday for Love / Christmas in My Hometown on WingClips

Dueling responsibilities or citizenships are illustrated here between work and love or business and hometown. How do we decide between valid demands? What conflicting demands could happen by being a citizen of heaven and of earth? How can they be resolved?

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