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Saturday, August 8, 2009, 02:00 PM - Humor
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Here are some gems from the last week:

Crash for Clunkers = Demo Derby at Medina County Fair

My MP3 player has a playlist for my car. The songs have a beat that matches the seat belt alarm.

The last book in a series I ordered 10 years ago came this week. I remember when I used books...

The only answer to "Can you hear me if I don't use the mike?" is "What?"

FAFSA Bribed son with cost of new hard drive to get him to file the dreaded FAFSA. Worth it. Hate that process.

@aflowerwriter I hope the editor's comments were "kind even gentle" Congrats!

Is it wrong to thank God for a Worship sound system tune-up ? Wow! I can hear clearly now the muffle is gone...

@edstetzer Soccer is communist kickball with arms control.

@diannao World Largest steer is on display in Kokomo. Only female in group asked what made a bull a steer. None of us would tell her.

The very pregnant preschool teacher tells me "I think I'm in trouble..." It was't what I thought.

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