Prayer for Red Cross Champions 
Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 03:34 AM - Prayers
I'm giving the invocation at the Red Cross breakfast for champions today. Here it is:

God our Help, bless those who help others, who extend the hearts and hands to others lifting strangers out of danger. Enhance their efforts, focus their training, multiply their preparation so that they can quickly, efficiently, and safely bring sustenance to the hungry, shelter to the exposed, and warmth to the cold.

God our Sustainer, bless those who stay the next day, who lay a foundation on which recovery depends. May they be strengthen to continue when others leave. May they be heard when the crisis is past as they move people and places from rescue to renewal.

God our First and Final Hope, bless those who look with resolve at how next time will be a better time, who prepare people and resources to move out of Chaos into Hope. May their planning be blessed with insight, may they find support in their efforts to do good better, and after doing all they can, may they rest easy at night knowing that we are finally safe in your preparations which is our sure hope. Amen.

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