Sunday, April 8, 2007, 04:00 AM - Sermon, Easter
Mark 16:1-8
Easter Sunrise

There is a pre-school with a huge picture of an ear on the wall. It appears the preschoolers can walk into it. It is there for telling. Instead of tattling on every little thing to the teachers, they can go over to the ear and tell the ear what Ricky did or what Susie said. It helps the preschoolers with their need to tell even thought it is just a drawing on the wall.

At some time most of us learned not to tell. We learned what was private family matters, confidential among professionals, and topics not for public discussion. We also learned what we could talk about, the weather, sports team, maybe the latest round of American Idol, and with some the most popular post on YouTube. We don't talk about religion or politics, although sometimes you can sneak politics in under the guise of entertainment and religion if framed in a horror story of the extremes of too much or too little religion.

This morning we have a story of telling. The original ending of Mark was 16:8, “They did not tell anyone because they were afraid”. A story of politics and religion too fearsome to tell, even though they were instructed by an angel to do so: That Jesus was not dead, but risen, and gone ahead to meet the disciples back in the old stomping grounds in Galilee.

We are left entrusted with the greatest news, for Mark's gospel leaves us hanging. They didn't tell anyone because they were afraid, not even the ear drawing on the wall. Can we remember what it was like to be in pre-school, when we were fearlessly bursting to tell trivia as news, good, bad, and embarrassing? Or how about a little later, waking the parents up on Christmas morning because it was almost dawn and time for presents! Or calling family and friends that we got the job! As the filters and constraints of society and age have descended upon us, it seems most of our lives are passed in an elevator, traveling with others in comfort, but without speaking to one another about anything, much less things that matter.

Easter means We have something to tell.
Death is not the end of the story; Christ has defeated death there is life beyond death

God bends everything to his good purpose, the greatest evil, the killing of Christ, God with us,
is turned by God into the greatest good, salvation for humanity, life after death

Jesus Christ is not dead but alive and ready to meet us in our life

We have read the last chapter of the book of history, and death is defeated and God wins

Nothing can separate us from the love of God, not military and political power, not betrayal,
nothing in all creation can separate us from the love of God shown in the resurrection of Jesus.

Let Easter be a time to focus on telling. That Jesus is not dead to be visited at the tomb on Sunday. But he is alive, and not only that he is waiting for you at home, at work; he is not just alive he is in your life! A live Christ is a fearsome thing compared to a dead Jesus. But life is a fearsome thing, we need all the good news we can get, and the news that Christ is alive and waiting to meet us where we are going, is news to tell everyone. Tell the world, Christ is Risen. He is Risen Indeed and waiting to meet you in your life. Amen.

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