Going Up? 
Monday, March 6, 2006, 11:35 AM - Extra Christy
I park on the roof. When I go to a parking garage, I start the spiral to the roof and try to park at the highest spot. Someday I might write a guide to the top parking spots. (Preview: The elevator for the garage next to the Akron Main library has a glass side so you can see out. If you enter the elevator at the library level you're underground facing concrete block; push the button and rise up out of the ground! I confess to sometimes singing, "Up from the Grave He Arose!" when I'm alone.)

But why the roof level? While there are always spaces open and it is easier to remember where I left my car the main reason is the view. It is a nice break in the day to look out over the town or city, try to find landmarks, enjoy the weather and the seasonal displays. It brings me out of the immediate and the up close and gives me some perspective beyond my own place and schedule. Especially before and after visiting in the hospital where concerns are compressed to encompass just a body or shrunken further to focus on just one body part, it is good for my spirit to pause and consider the big picture.

Jesus also went off alone to high places. The most intriguing time is when he left the crowds after feeding the five thousand with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. The crowd wanted to make him their fast food king!

Jesus, knowing that they intended to come and make him king by force, withdrew again to a mountain by himself. - John 6:15
While Jesus may not have needed to leave to get some perspective the crowd certainly did! They were caught up in the miracle of having their bellies filled with bread for the day and missed the biggest miracle, God with us, the bread of life. Their pressing daily concerns crowded out eternal ones. They need to get some perspective; to look beyond their bellies and see God's salvation stretched out before them into eternity.

Hoping you go up to the roof soon

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