Monday, November 28, 2005, 06:13 PM
I like fruitcakes. I think partly it is due to the yearly arrival of the one sent by my wife's eccentric aunt in Texas. I liked her and fruitcake was very appropriate reminder of such a fun, sweet and unconventional person. I enjoyed thinking about her while eating some of the fruit and nut gooey goodness she sent.

I was reminded of fruit and nuts when I was searching for a bumper sticker I wanted to use in yesterday's sermon. In addition to the one I was looking for, I found this one:

God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts

The fruit of the Spirit (singular, there is only one spiritual fruit in Galatians 5:22.) is a fine list of virtues. And who wants a religious nut?

But our definition of religious nut, usually depends on our own place on the religious spectrum rather than God's perspective. Folks whose religious views loom larger in their lives than in ours are easily dismissed as nuts.

Yet maybe we need nuts. Religious nuts have borne fruit: the abolition of slavery (goodness?), civil rights (love?), peace (peace!?), rejection of torture (gentleness?), consumer and worker protection (self-control?) and social security (kindness?).

Perhaps, with fruit and nuts all mixed together, God likes fruitcake too.

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