Halloween for Christians? 
Monday, October 31, 2005, 03:29 PM
While both heaven and hell are part of our theology, many of the traditional Halloween trappings don't fit well with the purpose of our church. We don't celebrate death, the underworld, or spirits other than the Holy One. Ours is a resurrection faith in Jesus Christ, not a descent into hell with ghosts, goblins, and ghouls.

So states an article in our Ideas church publication which goes on to discuss various alternatives to the ghouls and goodies theme of today.

As a father and a pastor, I've been asked about Christians and Halloween over the years. Here are some of my thoughts on this day.

Making fun of demons and scary things might be a good thing for Christians to do...Romans 8:38-39 tell us demons can not defeat the power of God's love.

It is the only neighborhood celebration we have any more. Folks come out and actually meet and talk to their neighbors. This might be example of God turning evil to good. Again we turn to Romans 8:28

There is medium (some translations add “witch” as a section heading) and talking to the dead in the Bible. Found in 1 Samuel 28 it seems to imply it is a lack of faith and trust in God and God's prophets that makes people turn to mediums.

Even though we know that Halloween is all in good fun, Christians should not confuse folks who are new to the faith. Our freedom shouldn't be the cause of another losing her or his way. Paul explains this in Corinthians 8.

Hoping you find God's good in everything that crosses your path….

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