Sunday Valentine Prayer 
Sunday, February 15, 2009, 08:00 AM - Prayers
God, we run aimlessly. Looking for a quick prayer and an instant blessing. We are shocked over the excesses of others but surprised when others have the courage to mention our intemperance. Forgive our lack of training for your race. May we focus on the goal set before us and do our part to wash and be clean.

God you are constantly renewing your miracle of life among us. As we prayed for the blessing, now we give you thanks for xxxx and xxxx of Color our Rainbow Academy celebrating the promise of pregnancy and birth. May they be blessed and know your of your love all their lives.

God we have more bequests than baptisms, more wakes than weddings. Help us grow young again, passing the torch of your community and love to the next generation as it has been entrusted to us. May we go forward without leaving anyone behind. Help Song and Service grow from the inside out with the blessing and support of your faithful servants gathered in the combined service starting in March.

Be with our elected leaders, and all those who we have entrusted finance, health, and social order to on this world. May the be guide to do good for all people, and work for the next generation not just the next election or next annual report.

As we remember our loved ones over Valentine's day let us remember loved ones separated: by walls and wars, by distance and divorce, by tribe and terror. Maybe we show others to the place where your love can heal and help all of whatever nation, clan, color, or status be healed and restored to love.

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